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Job Synopsis

Below is a job synopsis of our recent projects. To view a PDF of our partial job list click here.

  • Vince Bayou Railroad Bridge Replacement
    Owner: Port Terminal Railroad Association
    Contract Amount: $427,815.00

    The existing 210 ft. long deteriorated timber bridge was demolished and a new H-pile supported pre-cast concrete bridge was constructed adjacent to a second track, which remained in service. Pipelines are located on both sides of the bridges. The bridge was constructed in 30 ft. segments, working from each new segment.

  • Sheet Pile Shoring for Terminal ‘E’ Foundation, Bush IAH
    Owner: Continental Airlines
    (SpawGlass Construction Corp.)
    Contract Amount: $549,000.00

    Over 47,000 s.f. of sheet pile shoring was designed and constructed for the various deep excavations required to install the underground tunnels and utilities at this highly congested site. The shoring was of both cantilever and braced designs for excavations ranging from 11 to 35 ft. in depth.

  • Underwater Intake Structure Foundations for Raw Water Transmission System, Lake Granbury
    Owner: NEPCO/ AES Wolf Hollow Power Plant
    (Tellepsen Services Co. L.P.)
    Contract Amount: $678,000.00

    36” drilled shafts were excavated and placed some 30’ into the limestone lake bottom and 3’ x 3’ x 26’ concrete bent caps were formed and poured in place in water depths ranging down to 45 feet. A 180’ long, three-barrel steel intake manifold was then floated into position, sunk and maneuvered onto the anchorage system on top of the concrete bent caps. Once secured, the entire system was video-taped for verification.

  • Sheet Pile Cofferdams for Pump Station and Intake Structure
    Owner: Bastrop Energy Partners, L.P.
    (Archer Western Contractors, Ltd.)
    Contract Amount: $375,000.00

    Two sheet pile cofferdams were designed and constructed for this project. The first consisted of a 44’ dia. circular sheet pile cell for the bottom 36’ of a 65’ deep excavation for the pump station. Concrete ring walers were used to support the sheet piling. The second consisted of a braced diamond-shaped sheet pile cell extending into the river for the intake structure. This cofferdam was internally braced with steel wales and struts and anchored into the steep bank with drilled-in soil anchors.

  • Sheet Pile Cofferdam @ Union Station Ballpark
    Owner: Harris County Sports Authority
    (W.T. Byler Co., L.P.)
    Contract Amount: $166,110.00

    A 50’ sq. sheet pile cofferdam was designed and installed in the bottom of the massive excavation for the new baseball stadium. The cofferdam extended 22’ deeper for the storm water retention tanks. Later it was discovered that these tanks interfered with the main structural foundation and 24” dia. steel pipe piling were driven below the bottom of the excavation to handle the foundation loading.

  • Fender System for Wharf No. 6, Barbours Cut Terminal
    Owner: Port of Houston Authority
    (Boh Brothers Construction Co., Inc.)
    Contract Amount: $727,292.00

    The system consisted of 93 pieces of 80 ft. long H-Piling and W 21 x 111 and HP 14 x 98 wale beams, all with timber facing, to protect this 1,000 ft. long wharf.

  • Sheet Pile Bulkheads @ Landry’s Restaurant & Kemah Crab House
    Owner: Landry’s Development, Inc.
    Contract Amount: $697,000.00

    Following removal of the existing timber bulkheads, new 40 ft. steel sheet piling were driven and 70 to 85 ft. long helix screw anchors were installed under the existing building for these anchored bulkheads on the water side of the two restaurants without interrupting service.

  • Sheet Pile Cofferdams for 20K and 4K Press Pits
    Owner: Wyman Gordon Forgings, Inc.
    (Independent Constructors, Inc.)
    Contract Amount: $235,000.00

    Two 25 ft. deep braced sheet pile cofferdams were designed and installed and over 100 H-Piling were driven for these equipment foundations inside the existing building of this operating facility.

  • Pile Driving for Wallisville Control Structure
    Owner: Corps of Engineers
    (Rosiek Construction Co., Inc.)
    Contract Amount: $359,404.00

    This project consisted of 464 battered timber piling, 52 battered 18” concrete piling, 200 concrete sheet piling and 16” concrete bridge piling as well as 600 LF of plastic sheet piling, all driven inside an earthen cofferdam at elevation -16.0 MLT in the bottom of the Trinity River.

  • Sims Bayou Bulkhead
    Owner: Phibro Refining, Inc.
    Contract Amount: $430,000.00

    The existing failed sheet pile bulkhead was removed and replaced with a new anchored sheet pile bulkhead, consisting of 75 ft. long H-Piling driven on a 1:1 batter, an H-Pile waler system, and 38ft. long sheet piling. All of the work was performed from the water with a barge-mounted crane.

  • Lynchburg Ferry North and South Landing Repairs
    Owner: Harris County
    Contract Amount: $109,775.00

    The entire fender system at the South Landing was removed and replaced. The system consisted of timbers and steel fender plates bolted on above and to 7 feet underwater and required the drilling and installation of bolts up to 8 feet long. All of the underwater work was done with divers. Additionally, four timber pile clusters were rewrapped and protected with steel fender plates to the same depth.

  • Repair of Wharf and Fender System @ Wharves 23, 24 & 25
    (Manatts, Inc.)
    Owner: Port of Houston Authority
    Contract Amount: $560,711.93

    After removal of the existing timber fender system, a new pile-supported, timber faced, structural steel fender system was installed in three 600-ft. phases to minimize interference with the Port’s shipping operations. Over 125 CY of structural concrete was removed and replaced on the face of the existing concrete wharves.

  • East Water Purification Plant Cofferdams
    (Pepper-Lawson Construction, L.P.)
    Owner: City of Houston
    Contract Amount: $

    Steel sheet pile cofferdams were designed and installed at each of the two intake structures to allow for installation of new mechanical bar screens. Each intake was isolated by an individual cofferdam and dewatered for the work to be performed in the dry.

  • Railroad Bridges for Seadrift Spur
    (WT Byler Co., L.P.)
    Owner: BNSF Railroad
    Contract Amount: $711,000.00

    Ten H-pile supported pre-cast concrete bridges were constructed on this new service line to Dow Chemical facility in Seadrift. Piledriving and erection crews were sequenced to maintain the GC/s schedule as access was opened for this new line.

  • Raw Water Intake Structure, Pump Station and Process Basins
    (MWH Constructors, Inc.)
    Owner: Houston Area Water Corporation (City of Houston)
    Contract Amount: $4,567,632.00

    Two sheet pile cofferdams were required to initiate an 84” diameter bore machine from a point 20’ below the lake bottom under 23’ of water in Lake Houston to a new pump station to be located some 550’ away on land. The outer was a 66’ diameter circular cell which allowed access to the lake bottom. The inner cell was a 15’ x 45’ rectangular braced cofferdam which allowed access to 20’ below the lake bottom. The pump station on land was open cut to 42’ below the existing grade and almost 30’ below the ground water table. The steel pump station consisted of five - 48” diameter x 45’ tall pump cans, each connected to the 108” diameter x 75’ long intake manifold, all located from 30’ to 45’ below the existing grade.

  • Sheet Pile Cofferdam for Pflugerville Raw Water Pump Station
    Owner: City of Pflugerville
    (Payton Construction, Inc.)
    Contract Amount: $444,614.00

    A 34’ diameter x 50’ deep steel sheet pile cofferdam was designed and constructed adjacent to the Colorado River south of Austin. Additionally, a 73’ x 40’ steel sheet pile cofferdam was designed and constructed in the Colorado River The 20’ deep river cofferdam was overtopped by the river and remained underwater for two months, sustaining little damage. Eventually, the intake piping was built on driven piling in the river cofferdam and the two connected by a 36” intake line bored between the two structures.

  • Bulkhead Repairs Landward of Wharf No. 13
    Owner: Port of Houston, Authority
    Contract Amount: $1,159,994.00

    The area behind a 24’ tall sheet pile bulkhead that had failed was excavated and the pilings were pulled back plumb. Over 70 grouted anchors were drilled to anchor the bulkhead and the area was backfilled and the civil structures were re- built

  • Sheet Pile Bulkhead for 138 KV Transmission Towers
    Owner: Centerpoint Energy
    Contract Amount $ 698,796.00

    An anchored sheet pile bulkhead was constructed around one tower and cantilevered sheet pile bulkhead was constructed around a second tower. Both towers had sustained severe erosion, being located adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel.

  • Berth 7 Concrete Test Pile Program
    Owner: Brazos River Harbor Navigation District
    Contract Amount: $271,664.00

    Four 20” square x 125’ long pre stressed concrete piling were driven and load tested to aid in the design of the proposed Berth 7 Wharf Project. Piles were load tested to 620 tons.

  • Breakwater Repairs from Hurricane Rita, USCG Station- Galveston
    Owner: United States Coast Guards (Inland Construction)
    Contract Amount: $363,050.00

    The existing concrete sheet pile breakwater with concrete walkway cup was broken during the storm. The 40’ long broken section was removed and replaced with longer piling to the original section.

  • New Mexico Structures @ Oil Dock No. 1 and Cargo Dock Nos. 8
    Owner: Port of Corpus Christi Authority
    Contract Amount: $760,536.00

    Two monopole structures one consisting of a 72’ OD x 130’ long steel pipe pile and the other consisting of a 24” OD x 76’ long steel pipe pile were driven at the docks. The breasting and mooring structures were attached to the tops of the piling. The third mooring structure consisted of nine 20” steep pipe piles x 90; - 100’ long with a 21’ x 12’ x 4.25’ thick concrete pile cap.

  • Cutter Pier Replacement from Hurricane Rita, USCG Station Sabine, TX
    Contract Amount: $2,083,865.00
    Owner: United States Coast Guard ADD PICTURES

    Over 8,500 1.f. of 18” square pre stressed concrete piling were driven on a batter for the new T- head structure to replace the L- shaped structure lost during the storm. The superstructure consisted of CCA treated stingers, decking and handrail. New utilities were installed on the new pier.

  • Concrete Wharf Repair @ Manchester Terminals, Houston, TX
    Owner: Manchester Terminals Company ADD PICTURES
    Contract Amount: $452,175.00

    A 60’ long x 30’ wide sec t6ion of the existing concrete pile supported dock was damaged from the impact of a cargo ship. The damaged portions of the old dock were removed, new concrete piling were driven, and the concrete superstructure was rebuilt to match the original construction.

  • UPRR Toyota Lead Railroad Bridges
    Owner: Toyota/UPRR
    (W.T. Byler Co., L.P.)
    Contract Amount: $2,059,912.00

    Three railroad bridges were constructed adjacent to the new Toyota truck plant on the south side of San Antonio. The bridge crossing over Leon Creek consisted of four 5’ square concrete bents supported on 60’ and 72” diameter drilled shafts. The spans were steel girder bridge standards, with the center span 150’ long and requiring 12’ tall girders weighing almost 100tons each. The other two bridges were constructed of Hpile and precast concrete girders through the adjacent property.

  • Trinity River Pump Station Cofferdam
    Owner: Coastal Water Authority
    (Laughlin-Thyssen, Inc.)
    Contract Amount: $1,141,600.00

    A 100’ x 132’ steel sheet pile cofferdam was driven into the west bank of the Trinity River adjacent to the existing pump station near Dayton. The cofferdam was excavated to Elevation -20 and 107 H-piling x 50’ long were driven to support the pump station.

  • IH10 Concrete Foundation Piling
    Owner: TXDOT
    (W.W.Webber, Inc.)
    Contract Amount: $546,900.13

    Over 16,000 linear feet of 16” and 20” concrete piling were installed in three phases for the five bridges for this interstate rebuilding project on the east side of Beaumont. The piling ranged up to 78 feet in length

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