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As management, we at MB Western recognize our responsibilities to establish a Corporate Health and Safety Program in the interest of wellness and accident prevention. The elimination of accidents and hazards involving MB Western employees is one of our greatest responsibilities and should be treated in the same manner as our business procedures relating to quality, volume and cost production.

For our Corporate Health and Safety Program to be effective, the managers at MB Western personally set the standard by taking a serious interest in the prevention of accidents. They will also provide, in administration of the program, the leadership to which supervisory personnel and employees will respond.

Our desired goal is to prevent accidents by educating and training our employees to recognize hazards and understand why their health and safety is important for them and the company. We solicit input from our employees and clients to improve our safety process.

We strive to provide a workplace for our employees, safe from hazards, accident free, with leadership from the management.


On October 1st, 2011, our company reached a safety milestone of 300,000 man-hours without an OSHA recordable. This demonstrates our employee’s commitment to the statement, “Safety Drives Our Success”!

We have attained the Platinum Level certification through Associated Builders and Contractors STEP (safety training evaluation program) Program for the 3rd year. This is our third year with no OHSA recordables.

We have won 3 safety awards from the ISTC for 2011:

  • 100% drop in recordable rate
  • No lost time injuries for the 3rd year
  • Sustained Recordable Incident Rate

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